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English : Wow. This is finally finished. I'm... I'm exhausted. I never take much time for an AMV. But... for this. Oh my gosh this is the first time that I take 2 months for only one project. I'm so happy that it is done. Well, Main characters are Snowfur, Thistleclaw aaaaand.... Bluefur. Yes. I have not animated her when she chased Thistleclaw of starclan... But I hope you like it even if there is not this scene in the amv :) Oh, I would thank to Moonlight Shadow ( https://www.youtube.com/user/mscatanimtions ) because her Thistleclaw amv
"Youth" ( Snowfur AMV )"Youth" ( Snowfur AMV )"Youth" ( Snowfur AMV )"Youth" ( Snowfur AMV )
"Youth" ( Snowfur AMV )